Sherborne ArtsLink Raffle 2019 WIN ART!

The Mulberry Tree Gallery is delighted to be supporting this wonderful arts based charity.  One of our owners, Emma, is a trustee and contacted a number of the gallery's artists who generously gave their work to help raise funds.

There are originals from Sasha Harding, Angie Smyth, Olly Pyle, Robin Mason and Sophie Harding.   Limited edition prints from Nicholas Hely Hutchinson, Rebecca Lardner and Olly Pyle.  Candles from The Botancial Candle Company and a subscription to Elementum Magazine.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to not only support this charity by buying a book of ticekts but also you'll have a chance to win some awesome prizes!

 Win loads of wonderful art prizes generously donated by artists and organisations including Nicholas Hely Hutchinson, Jerram Gallery, Hauser & Wirth, Rebecca Lardner, The Paddock Project, Sophie Harding, The Mulberry Tree Gallery and many more.

Here are some of the wonderful works of art you could win.

Sasha Harding Rebecca Lardner Nicholas Hely Hutchinson Robin Mason

Draw date:  7.30 pm on Wednesday 27 November 2019 in Digby Hall, Sherborne DT9 3AA

What is it for?: Sherborne ArtsLink has launched the raffle to provide funds needed to support the charities operation and enable us to deliver a vibrant arts education programme, health and wellbeing projects and community cultural engagement.

Who can take part:  Any person aged 16 and older may purchase a ticket. 

Who is running the raffle:  Sherborne ArtsLink is running this raffle under licence from Dorset Council.  Our Chair of Trustees Colin Lloyd is the licence holder on behalf of  Sherborne ArtsLink Ltd. 

All prize winners will be notified.  There is no requirement to attend the draw.  ArtsLink office staff, Trustees and their households can not enter the draw..

A list of prize winners and the monies raised will be available on Sherborne ArtsLink website from 16 December 2019.

A full list of all the prizes is available to view on the Sherborne ArtsLink Website.

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