Oliver Pyle - An Early Start, Studland Watersports (Original)

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Oliver Pyle - An Early Start, Studland Watersports (Original)

Original: Millford 140lb Not
Image size: 72cm x 36cm
Finish: Mounted and in an oak frame

Oliver has established himself as a successful landscape artist, working exclusively in watercolour.  With Oliver's work we explore the impact of light, the weather, and the seasons and how these combine to achieve paintings that are evocative and atmospheric.

The break in the early morning clouds is a sure sign of a busy day ahead at Studland, in this instance at the Knoll Beach. Next to the car park and National Trust shop is the Studland Watersports shack. Sailing, wind surfing or kayaking - it's all there, and one may even take a sedate turn about the bay in a pedalo! Do pay them a visit.....

This was what I call an 'easy' painting. What I mean by that is its natural inclination toward traditional watercolour techniques, being back-lit ('contre-jour' if you want to be fancy, 'squinting at the sun' if you don't!) This renders much of the scene as a semi-silhouette and this makes managing light and dark passages in the painting more simple - with watercolour being a transparent medium it really isn't possible to paint lights over darks. So, the sea and the sky are the brightest tones and can be done first in a combination of wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry washes. Once the sky and sea have dried then all the other darker areas can be painted over the top.

'Easy' is intentionally in inverted commas - if you paint your light areas a little too dark (a common mistake,) and your middle and dark tones don't have enough depth to them then you end up with a rather tepid painting that has little tonal contrast with no sparkle to it - hopefully avoided this time!

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