• Make An Impression

    Make an Impression

    Running from 12th April to the 9th May - we've decided to round up some of our favourite printmakers, collagraphers, etchers and mixed media artists to show you.

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  • Sarah Ross-Thompson

    Sarah Ross Thompson

    Sarah Ross-Thompson is a Fine Art Printmaker specialising in hand-inked, original collagraph prints inspired by the Dorset & Scottish landscapes.

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  • Rachael Mia-Allen

    Rachael Mia-Allen

    Rachael is an artist who paints places that she loves intensely. Her aim is to share this commitment with us & the result is pictures that have struck a chord with all that have seen them.

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  • Jane Ormes

    Jane Ormes

    My screen prints reflect my take on the world. I produce playful, colourful images, often involving animals in absurd situations. I like to think that these creatures all have a secret life that we know nothing about.

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  • Sally Winter

    Sally Winter

    Sally Winter is best known for her vibrant and evocative etchings and collagraphs. A former member of the National Society of Printmakers her work has been enthusiastically collected worldwide for over 30 years.

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  • Louise Worthy

    Louise Worthy

    Louise's work is very much three dimensional, with the eye drawn to a stand out feature - a wave, a tree or an animal perhaps. Her work is inspired by the Scottish Highlands, where she lives and works.

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  • Jenny Aitken

    Jenny Aitken

    Her passion is for landscape, both dramatic and still. She conveys the sense of a place both with her personal reaction to the land and her knowledge of the elements.

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  • Vanessa Cooper

    Vanessa Cooper

    Vanessa Cooper takes her models from nature and from family life - from forests, gardens, pets, and children. There are deep veins of both sensuality and humour in her work, which enhance their vitality.

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  • Hannah Hann

    Hannah Hann

    'My paintings often evolve through a process of working quite intuitively relying on memory, photographs etc. This allows me to use paint in abstract ways, preferring to suggest or emphasize certain things, rather than literally describe them'.

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  • Hannah Hann

    Hannah Hann

    'My paintings often evolve through a process of working quite intuitively relying on memory, photographs etc. This allows me to use paint in abstract ways, preferring to suggest or emphasize certain things, rather than literally describe them'.

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  • Ken Eardley

    Ken Eardley

    Brighton based artist Ken Eardley makes fantastic glazed earthenware ceramic jugs and bowls by hand and they are a visual treat.

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  • Liz Howe

    Liz Howe

    Liz likes to think of her ceramics as usable pieces of art. She takes ideas from the sea, plant life and scraps of old fabric.

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  • Rosemary Jacks

    Rosemary Jacks

    Rosemary makes functional, brightly coloured hand-thrown, slip-decorated earthenware often with sprig decorations, altered forms and fish/animal motifs

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  • Emily Morgan

    Emily Morgan

    Emily takes inspiration from her surroundings, predominantly the landscape and motifs found in nature.
    Hidden narratives and hints towards story–telling often feature within her work.

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  • Abbott and Ellwood

    Abbott and Ellwood

    Abbott and Ellwood clocks are individually hand printed onto stainless steel. They come in a beautiful white gift box, with a printed metal tag.

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  • Rebecca Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

    Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

    Nicholas lives in the heart of Dorset with his wife and two children. He gets much of his inspiration from the surrounding countryside and the coast.

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  • Louise Braithwaite

    Louise Braithwaite

    In Louise's work one can see a great affection for human interaction in a variety of social and public situations. Her paintings are predominately figurative, painted in oils on board, and have been described as "happy Lowrys"..

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  • Rebecca Lardner

    Rebecca Lardner

    Rebecca Lardner was born in Swanage, Dorset in 1971. Rebecca Lardner's distinctive oils on canvas are beautifully depicted portrayals of life on the land and the sea. In 2010 she was named the UK's Artist of the Year.

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  • Ben Spurling

    Ben Spurling

    Ben was born in Swanage in 1979 and still resides in the Purbeck area today. Living by the sea has always been an important part of Ben's life and this is reflected in his paintings.

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  • Sasha Harding

    Sasha Harding

    Sasha Harding was brought up in and around Swanage. Her interest in art was stimulated early, both by her surroundings and a tradition of art and music in the family.

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  • Emma Ball

    Emma Ball

    In her own words her inspiration is "Anything involving the sea, I love to paint harbour scenes, boats and seagulls. I also have a passion for architecture so any sort of buildings in a painting is my inspiration!"

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  • Carolyn Pavey

    Carolyn Pavey

    Pure observation is the essence of my work, whether it is a landscape, portrait or still-life; and it usually starts with my sketchbook and pencil.

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  • Colin Willey

    Colin Willey

    Born in 1972, Colin Willey's work is about light and its effects. He is excited by the way objects are transformed by light and how the light constantly changes from moment to moment.

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  • Karen McPhail

    Karen McPhail

    Karen draws from domestic life and nature to make paper collages that inform her designs. Layering images, patterns, shadows and text, her ceramics are satisfying both to the eye and to touch.

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  • John Knapp Fisher

    John Knapp Fisher

    John has featured on television & radio & his work has been widely reviewed in newspapers and magazines for the Arts. John works in ink and watercolour, oil and mixed media on paper and board.

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  • Tony Chance

    Tony Chance

    The weather and the sea are the subject of most of Tony's paintings. Very often they are images drawn from remote and wild areas of Britian.

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