Mulberry Tree GalleryThe eagle eyed among you will notice that we’ve had a little re-vamp in the gallery recently.  Gone are the dark bookcases and sideboards to be replaced with gorgeous birch ply tables and peg-board displays and a near invisible and flexible hanging system in the main window.

Part of the reason we undertook the recent changes was a strong desire to make the products that we sell more accessible – easier for you to see and pick up.  We thought long and hard about the height of the central table – not too high, not too low – with a slight panic when they first arrived thinking they were too big and too high!  The peg board shelves allow us to group items together and create single or multiple tableaux – they allow the products to breathe and let’s face it hopefully tempt you to part with your hard-earned cash!

The reason we are so passionate about supporting British artists and makers is thatKara Leigh Ford Ceramics we strongly believe that handmade products can and do evoke strong emotions within us even if it’s a mug that you use every day.    Knowing that what you are holding in your hand or looking at on your walls or shelves was created by a living, breathing human just like you and me, who faces the same struggles with life and love, who is trying to make their way in the world to provide for themselves and their families is actually pretty amazing.   

When you have a hand-thrown mug in your hand you are holding years of experience, learning, failures, experimentation and honing of a skilled craft – it’s not just a mug, it’s so much more.  I know when I have my morning cuppa I often think about the maker beavering away in their studio and just for a split second I have that human connection even if they aren’t next to me in my kitchen!

Shirley VauvelleWe get those feelings with pretty much everything we sell in the gallery, knowing that our artists and makers have poured their heart, soul and life experiences into what they create.  That’s why we probably have a permanent smile on our faces, we’re chuffed to be surrounded by such lovely things and it’s such a pleasure to share our artists and makers stories with you when you come into the gallery.

If you happen to be in Swanage then we’d very much love to see you and if you’re an on-line follower then I hope these pics give you at least a flavour of what our space is like!