Hare Greetings Card It’s that time of year when the last remnants of Christmas are being packed away and life is returning to “normal” whether that be work, school or a regular routine.    It’s also the time of year that we remember being sat down by our parents and being made to write our thank you letters for the gifts and money we had received.  A chore that we hated, if we’re honest, but a necessary part of Christmas.

As a retailer that sells greetings cards, we can at times get really fed up with the messages that do the rounds at certain times of year that say “we’re not sending cards, we’re donating to xxx charity”   We absolutely get the good intentions and heart behind it and the fact that cards and postage can be expensive.   However, can we also add into the mix that there are a LOT of people that make their living from this industry whether that be the artists, publishers, agents, small independent retailers etc.  If we all stopped buying and sending cards it would impact 10s of thousands of us!   

In this day and age it’s so easy to quickly send off a thank you via What’s App or textMary Sumner Greetings Card without much actual thought into what you’re writing – just getting rid of the obligation rather than really taking the time to think about what you can write.  There’s been much research done of late on the benefits of sending and receiving a hand-written letter or card.

It’s a wonderful way to keep in touch with the people that you love and research has shown that it can actually contribute to your happiness and well-being.   By writing to people and letting them know how much you’re thinking of them and appreciating them makes you more thankful and focuses the mind on the good things in life.  Society is slowly waking up to how important our mental health is and even a small thing like writing a card can have a positive impact on this area of our lives, both as the sender and recipient. 

It’s also a wonderful way to surprise someone – who doesn’t long for the days when their letterbox wasn’t just full of bank statements, credit card bills, flyers and Snow in the Village Greetings Cardcatalogues you didn’t ask for!   If you’re like us as soon as you see a handwritten envelope or know it contains a card, you chuck all the other mail to one side and rip open the hand-written missive!  It’s just so lovely to know that someone has been thinking about you and taken the time to write to you!

So, as we start 2019, how about taking the time to choose a card and tell someone how much you appreciate them!  And by the way, we have a great selection to choose from…